Robust growth. Organic, eco-friendly pest control.

Bug Buster Arc depends on a mild electrical current to deter or kill crawling insects. This patented gardening tool can also stimulate plant growth.

More productive plants

The Bug Buster Arc’s installation actually makes tomatoes and cannabis plants stronger by stressing them a bit. This process is called supercropping, and it's one of the ways commercial growers maximize yields. With Bug Buster Arc, you can end up with larger, bushier plants, more bud sites and more fruit!

Naturally organic and better than pesticides

Grow healthy, robust cannabis, tomatoes, peppers or any other stemmed crop organically. Sure, pesticides poison aphids, spider mites, thrips and other crawlers, but they also coat the foods we ingest, plus destroy beneficial soil microbes. You can protect your food and cannabis with Bug Buster Arc, which deters noxious bugs on contact – and keeps your crops virtually free of crawling insects as long as the system stays plugged in and the ground probe is in the center of the stem and inserted in all the way.